To Report Lost or Stolen Debit Cards after the Bank is closed - call 833-809-9997.

To Activate your card or change a PIN number call 800-992-3808.

Secure your debit card with the Card Valet App.  Download the App and register your Poplar Grove State Bank Debit Card for free!  You then have immediate control to turn your card on or off, set locations where card can be used, restrict transactions, establish limits and send Alerts.   Feel secure this holiday season!


 Slide1 Together We Grow

Together We Grow

Our sole purpose here at the bank is to share our financial knowledge with you so that we can help you grow. Whether it’s a savings account, a new home, business and personal loans, or to help finance your children's education. We’re here for you. Together We Grow. We’re an equal housing lender.

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Slide2 Operating Loan

Operating Loan

With an operating loan from our financial institution you can help get your farm operation running smoothly. We have the ready funds you need to help get you back on top of the bottom line with early payment options and flexible terms. So if you need an operating loan to operate, you can call on us.

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 Slide3 EMV Debit Card

Be Smart

With Our New EMV Debit Card

As part of our continued dedication to the safety and security of all our customers, we are pleased to offer the new EMV Debit card. These chip-enhanced debit cards contain an embedded microchip that encrypts card member information offering debit card protection that is far superior to the magnetic stripe security. Call us today.

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Slide4 Consistent Saving

Consistent Saving

There’s no way around it. Today you simply have to plan for your financial future. Whether it’s for that new house you’ve been dreaming of or for your retirement, the time to start is now, and that means consistent saving and investing. We can help you make a plan. We’re an equal housing lender.

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Online Banking

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Welcome to Poplar Grove State Bank

As your community bank we offer a different approach to financial service. When you become a customer, you become a friend. Like any good friend, we’re dedicated to giving you the financial answers and solutions that you and your family deserve. We’ll do our best to help you achieve your financial goals. We’re an equal housing lender.


Security and Information

If you need assistance with your Debit card or have been a target of Identity Theft or fraud, we have the information you need to protect your account. Our Security page can help direct you to the sources you need.

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