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Move Your Accounts to Poplar Grove State Bank

A community bank is always ready to help. It’s easy to move your existing account to Poplar Grove State Bank. Maybe you are new in the area, or just need the convenience and comfort of a bank that knows who you are. Whatever the reason, it only takes a few minutes to get started.

We’ve taken the hassle out of making a change by listing a few simple steps below. Don’t hesitate any longer! Our checklist will guide you through the process of switching your current account to a new account at PGSB.

Step 1

Choose one of our current checking plans and open a new account. When you open your new account you will receive a starter kit containing a register and a small amount of temporary checks. At the bottom of the check take note of the routing number and account number. The routing number for Poplar Grove State Bank is 071922094, and your six digit account number is immediately to the right.

Step 2

Be sure to check out PGSB Online Internet Banking. Internet Banking gives you access to your account any time of the day. Ready access to account information and transaction history. You can also transfer funds and download transactions to other PC software. Get the latest tools to help you gain that financial edge.

Step 3

Before you close your old checking account be sure all of your outstanding checks have been paid. Also be sure that any automated deposits or withdrawals from your account have been changed. Destroy your unused deposit slips, checks, and ATM cards. We can securely dispose of the old checks for you. Finally, balance your old account to be sure you have accounted for all of your activity. We have a handy Reconciliation Form should you need one to assist you. 

Step 4

Direct Deposits. Complete our Direct Deposit Authorization Form to start having your deposits come directly to your PGSB checking account. Fill out the form and be sure to indicate your new PGSB account number. Then mail it to the company or organization that issues the direct deposit. You can also use this form anytime you want to set up a new direct deposit to your accounts at PGSB.

For Social Security and VA benefits you can call directly to: Social Security/SSI 1-800-772-1213 Veteran’s Benefits 1-800-827-1000 or online at:


Step 5

Automated Withdrawals. Complete our Direct Payment Authorization Form to notify each company of the payment you wish to change. These can include but are not limited to loan payments, membership dues, automatic investments, insurance payments, or any other payments that you currently pay through automatic payment from your checking account. Some companies may require a voided check in addition to the form. Check with them directly before sending your form. It may take several weeks for the company to make the change so keep that in mind before making any deposits.

Step 6

Close your old checking account only after you are sure no other automated deposits or withdrawals are going to be posted.

If you have any questions, just stop by one of our locations or contact us. We will make your switch to Poplar Grove State Bank as simple and easy as possible.

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