What Bank Is Fortiva Credit Card? (Solved)

Designed for persons with weak credit, Fortiva credit cards are provided in cooperation with The Bank of Missouri and are unsecured credit cards with no annual fee. Fortiva credit card offers are currently available in two flavors: one that rewards you for spending money and another that charges you less in fees.
Who is eligible to get Fortiva retail credit?

  • Fortiva ® Retail Credit is available in all 50 states, as well as Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands. The Atlanticus Holdings Corporation (NASDAQ: ATLC) entities that administer the Fortiva ® Retail Credit program are:

What bank owns fortiva?

The Bank of Missouri is the financial institution that issues the Fortiva credit card.

What type of credit card is fortiva?

Fortiva Credit Card | Mastercard® Credit Card with No Security Deposit

What credit score is needed for fortiva?

If you have fair credit, the Fortiva Credit Card is a fantastic credit card to have (or above). Their annual percentage rate (APR) is relatively high (above 20 percent ). If you’re considering applying, we recommend that you have a credit score of at least 630. If you are unsure about your credit score, you may request a report by clicking here.

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Where is fortiva Bank located?

It is completely free to claim it and request improvements to your profile. Fortiva Financial LLC is a nondepository credit intermediary company based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, and is a member of the Nondepository Credit Intermediation Industry.

What credit cards are issued by the Bank of Missouri?

The Bank of Missouri currently offers five credit cards: the Bank of Missouri Platinum Card, the Bank of Missouri Real Rewards Card, the Bank of Missouri Max Cash Preferred Card, the Ollo Rewards Mastercard®, and the Ollo Platinum Mastercard®. The Bank of Missouri also offers a debit card, the Bank of Missouri Debit Card, and a checking account.

Does vivint use Fortiva?

As part of an already successful program that has seen significant growth during the flu epidemic, Fortiva® Retail Credit will continue to expand its relationship with Vivint beyond the 175,000 customers who have already been able to improve their lives by utilizing Vivint’s smart home technology that has been financed through Fortiva.

Can I use my fortiva card at ATM?

A cash loan (“Cash Advance”) can also be obtained by presenting your Card to any financial institution that accepts the Card for that purpose, or by withdrawing cash from an ATM using your Card.

Does Wayfair use fortiva retail credit?

As a result of our collaboration with numerous major financial service providers, including Affirm, Citizens Pay, Fortiva Retail Credit, Acima, and Katapult, we are able to provide you with enticing financing or leasing solutions if you qualify.

Where is fortiva credit card accepted?

Your Fortiva credit card can be used wherever that MasterCard is accepted. In this case, it is a Mastercard, which is accepted nearly everywhere in the United States as well as more than 200 nations and territories across the world. Using the Fortiva credit card outside of the country, on the other hand, may not be such a smart idea, given the 3 percent international transaction charge.

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What bank is Blaze credit card?

In South Dakota, it is issued by First Savings Bank, and it is maintained by Capital Services Corporation. Compared to fee-intensive unsecured credit card alternatives, the Blaze Mastercard is a better choice if you are unable to provide a security deposit for a secured credit card account.

What company uses fortiva?

Fortiva® Retail Credit is expanding its partnership with American Signature Furniture to provide Second Look Financing Solutions to customers in the United States and Canada.

What’s fortiva retail credit?

Fortiva® Retail Credit is expanding its partnership with American Signature Furniture to provide Second Look Financing Solutions to customers in the United States and internationally.

Who is the CEO of Fortiva credit card?

In a presentation at the Ashley Furniture HomeStore Market Event, Jeff Howard, CEO of Fortiva Retail Credit, discusses the keys to successful second look financing.

What company is TBOM Fortiva?

TBOM/Fortiva is a credit card that is issued by The Bank of Missouri. TBOM/Fortiva has most likely left a mark on your credit record in the form of a hard inquiry. When you apply for a credit card, this is a common occurrence.

What is Fortiva credit card phone number?

Phone calls are the most effective method of minimizing your potential losses. Immediately notify us at 1-800-710-2961 if you feel your Card has been lost or stolen, or if you believe someone has made a purchase on your Account without your permission. We will investigate the situation.

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