Who Lives In The West Bank? (Perfect answer)

There are 2,155,743 Arabs living in the West Bank, 1,795,183 Arabs living in the Gaza Strip, and 391,000 Jews living in the West Bank, according to the United Nations Population Division. East Jerusalem has a Jewish population of around 214,600 people.

Year Pop. Ā±% p.a.
2021 5,227,193 +1.36%


  • According to various accounts, between 2.1 million and 3 million Palestinian Arabs live in the West Bank under Israeli military occupation as well as limited self-rule. The West Bank (excluding East Jerusalem) is also home to around 430,000 Israeli Jews who reside in 132 settlements (as well as 124 smaller “outposts”) that were constructed under Israeli rule.

Who Owns the West Bank today?

Currently, Israel administers the vast majority of the West Bank, however the Fatah-run Palestinian Authority controls 42 percent of the territory, which has different degrees of autonomy. The Gaza Strip is now under the authority of the Islamist militant group Hamas.

Who lives in the West Bank and Gaza?

The population of the West Bank and Gaza Strip is virtually entirely comprised of Palestinian Arabs. The vast majority of them are Sunni Muslims: 92 percent of West Bankers and 99 percent of Gazans, with the remaining ten percent consisting of Christian refugees.

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Who occupy the West Bank?

On June 7, 1967, Israel invaded and occupied the West Bank and East Jerusalem as part of the Six-Day War, and the occupation has lasted till the present.

Does Israel occupy the West Bank?

When Israel invaded and occupied the West Bank during the 1967 war, it set up a military administration in all but one part of the territory. The exception was East Jerusalem, which Israel annexed into the country and granted Israeli citizenship, law, and civil administration authority over.

Who lives in the Gaza Strip?

Gaza, if treated as a top-level governmental entity, has around 1.85 million Palestinians living on an area of 362 square kilometers, making it the third most densely inhabited place on the planet. Gaza’s Palestinians are unable to access most of the territory due to an enormous Israeli buffer zone within the territory.

What religion is Gaza?

According to the United States government, the overall Palestinian population in the West Bank and Gaza Strip is 2.8 million, with 1.8 million living in Gaza (July 2018 estimates). In accordance with reports from the United States government and other sources, Palestinian populations of these regions are mostly Sunni Muslims.

Does Hamas control Gaza?

This de facto control over the Gaza Strip is maintained by the Palestinian Legislative Council, which is predominated by Hamas members. The Hamas administration of 2016 enjoys the backing of the PLC.

What language does Palestine speak?

Overview. Arab is the major language spoken by Palestinians and has a distinct dialect that is distinct from other dialects. Although it is classified as a Levantine dialect subgroup, it is spoken in Palestine by Arab residents of Israel (most of whom are Palestinians), as well as by the majority of Palestinian people across the world.

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Who controls electricity in Gaza?

The Gaza Strip is reliant on Israel for the majority of its electrical needs, despite the fact that it has one internal power plant. Residents are only receiving three to four hours of electricity every day as a result of the present violence, with intervals of as long as 20 hours without any energy being provided.

What is the difference between Gaza and the West Bank?

occupied Palestinian territory (West Bank) Gaza Strip (Arabic: ) The West Bank is a region of Palestine that is to the west of the Jordan River. It is a landlocked area that is bordered to the east by Jordan and to the south, west, and north by the state of Israel. While the Gaza Strip is a tiny boot-shaped area along the Mediterranean coast between Egypt and Israel, the West Bank is a much larger territory.

What is the problem between Israel and Palestine?

When it comes to persistent wars, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the most notable, with the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip now marking 54 years of conflict. As part of the Israeliā€“Palestinian peace process, a number of initiatives have been undertaken to resolve the conflict.

Is the Dead Sea in Palestine?

The Dead Sea is a large salt lake that is bordered on the east by Jordan and on the west by Israel and Palestine. Its surface and coastlines are 430.5 metres below sea level, making it the lowest point on the planet’s land surface.

Is Bethlehem a part of Israel?

Following Israel’s victory in the 1967 Six-Day War, it became a part of the Israeli-occupied region of the West Bank. As part of its preparations for a two-state solution, Israel handed over sovereignty of Bethlehem to the newly constituted Palestinian Authority in 1995. Jerusalem is only a short distance away, and Bethlehem is a bustling agricultural market and commercial center.

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Does Palestine have a flag?

Palestinians wear a tricolor flag consisting of three equal horizontal stripes (black, white, and green from top to bottom), which is superimposed with a red triangle that extends from the hoist. Based on the colors of the Pan-Arab flag, this flag is used to signify the State of Palestine and its citizens, as well as the Palestinian people.

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