Who Uses Synchrony Bank? (Solved)

Credit Cards for Retail Stores from Synchrony Bank

Retail Store Card
Alto Music Alto Music Credit Card
Amazon Amazon.com Store Card (Review) Amazon Prime Store Card (Review)
American Eagle Outfitters AEO Connected® Credit Card AEO Connected® Visa® Credit Card
American Signature Furniture American Signature Furniture Credit Card


  • Synchrony Bank is a significant issuer of retail and co-branded credit cards, with clients that include well-known companies such as Amazon, PayPal, and Lowe’s Home Improvement. The company also produces specialized credit cards that may be used in a range of healthcare facilities, vehicle repair shops, and home furnishings retailers.

What Creditors use Synchrony Bank?

Credit Cards from Synchrony Financial

  • Amazon Prime Store Card is a gift card that may be used at Amazon. There are several credit cards available, including the Amazon Prime Store Card, which offers 5 percent cash back on all purchases on Amazon.com. Other credit cards include the Cathay Pacific Visa, Sam’s Club Mastercards, the Verizon Visa Rewards Card, the American Eagle Outfitters Visa Card, the Ashley Advantage Credit Card, the Belk Store Credit Cards, and the Belk Store Visa Credit Card.
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What type of bank is Synchrony Bank?

Synchrony Bank is a reputable online bank that offers attractive interest rates on savings, money market, and certificate of deposit accounts (CDs).

Is Amazon part of Synchrony Bank?

Synchrony Bank is the financial institution that issues Amazon Store Cards and Secured Cards. If you have any issues regarding any of these cards, you may reach us at 1-866-634-8379, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Is Capital One a synchrony bank?

In October 2019, Walmart changed credit card issuers, shifting from Synchrony to Capital One, and many consumers who use Walmart-branded credit cards have stated that their credit ratings have suffered as a result.

Can I use my Synchrony card anywhere?

The majority of Synchrony credit cards are tied to a specific retailer and may only be used for transactions made at that location. If your card bears the Visa or Mastercard logo, you can use it anyplace that accepts credit cards.

Why is synchrony bank so bad?

Synchrony Bank offers competitive interest rates on a number of its accounts, as well as a variety of options for withdrawing funds and contacting customer care. It does, however, have a reputation for demanding excessive fees. Customers express dissatisfaction with having to deal with fraud accusations.

How safe is synchrony bank?

Yes, Synchrony Bank is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC# 27314). In the case of a bank failure, the federal government will protect your money up to a maximum of $250,000 per depositor and for each account ownership category.

What bank is with Amazon?

Synchrony Bank is available on Amazon.com.

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How do I link my Amazon account to synchrony?

You may check basic account information about your Amazon Store Card or Amazon Secured Card immediately on Amazon if your Amazon and Synchrony Bank accounts are linked together. When you reach the third card, click on the ‘Link Now’ option and input your Synchrony Bank user ID and password to complete the linking process.

Does applying for Amazon card hurt credit?

The application for the Amazon.com Store Card is processed in the same way as a credit card application. Consider it similar to a credit card, except that it can only be used to make purchases on Amazon.com. Yes, it will have an impact on your credit score.

What bank does target use?

Target Credit Card and Target Mastercard are RedCard credit cards offered by TD Bank USA, N.A., a subsidiary of TD Bank. Target Corporation is the company that issues the RedCard debit card.

What bank does Walmart use?

It is important to have a good credit score. Those with weaker credit ratings may be eligible for the Walmart credit card, which is an associated card that may only be used in-store. Both cards are issued by Capital One, which is one of the nation’s largest financial institutions. Knowing your credit score ahead of time will assist you in determining your chances of being accepted for a loan.

How many customers does synchrony Bank have?

Synchrony brings deep industry expertise, actionable data insights, innovative solutions, and differentiated digital experiences to improve the success of every business we serve and the quality of every life we touch. With more than $139 billion in sales financing and 68.5 million active accounts, Synchrony is the world’s largest financial services company.

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