Who Won Money In The Bank? (TOP 5 Tips)

Competitions and prizewinners

# Event MITB Winner(s)
7 Money in the Bank (2016) Dean Ambrose1
8 Money in the Bank (2017) Carmella2 – WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship match contract
Baron Corbin – WWE Championship match contract
9 Money in the Bank (2018) Alexa Bliss – Women’s championship match contract of the winner’s brand

Who won the Money in the Bank ladder matches and how did they do it?

  • Additionally, Big E and Nikki A.S.H. won their respective Money in the Bank ladder matches in the men’s and women’s divisions, respectively.

Who won Money in the Bank 2020?

After winning their respective Money in the Bank ladder bouts, which were contested at the same time as the main event, Otis and Asuka were eliminated. Drew McIntyre defeated Seth Rollins in the last bout of the evening to retain the WWE Championship.

Who all won at Money in the Bank?

Winners of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match throughout history: pictures

  • Wrestlers Asuka (2020), Otis (2020), Brock Lesnar (2019), Bayley (2019), Braun Strowman (2018), Alexa Bliss (2018), Baron Corbin (2017) are among those who will compete.
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Who won men’s Money in the Bank 2021?

Takeaways from ‘Money in the Bank’ include Big E’s victory and John Cena’s return to the WWE ring. The correct person was victorious. Big E has been crowned the new Mr. Money in the Bank after winning a spectacular multi-man, multi-ladder fight, putting him one step closer to his first-ever reign as WWE champion.

Who did Asuka cash in on?

WWE champion Becky Lynch has announced that she is expecting a child, and Asuka has won the Money in the Bank tournament. Becky Lynch, the current Raw women’s champion, confirmed on Monday night’s edition of “WWE Raw” that she is expecting her first child with husband Kevin Owens.

Who has won the Money in the Bank twice?

As Henry was exiting the arena, Edge walked into the ring with his briefcase, delivered it to referee Jim Korderas, and defeated the Undertaker with one spear to win the World Heavyweight Championship for the first time in his professional wrestling career. Edge therefore became the first individual in history to win the Money in the Bank contract on two separate occasions.

Who won 2011 money in the bank?

CM Punk was able to walk away with the WWE Championship after one historic night. John Cena was sacked from his WWE contract. And in addition, Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio both won Money in the Bank Ladder Matches in order to secure their respective title contracts.

Who won the 2010 money in the bank?

When The Miz successfully cashed in the briefcase on Randy Orton (who had previously won the WWE Championship at Night of Champions) on the November 22, 2010 edition of Raw, he was awarded the WWE Championship.

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Who won 2013 money in the bank?

In the main event, Randy Orton won the titular match to earn a WWE Championship match contract, while Damien Sandow won the other ladder match to earn a World Heavyweight Championship match contract in the first bout.

Did Edge win at Money in the Bank 2021?

Roman Reigns defeats Edge and retains the WWE Universal Championship at WWE Money in the Bank in 2021. In the Money in the Bank event on Sunday night, Roman Reigns defeated Edge to retain the Universal Championship.

Who won the Money in the Bank ladder match 2021?

Big E won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, putting him one step closer to achieving the World Championship chance that has evaded him throughout his career.

Who won the Money in the Bank Sunday?

With no one else around to stop him, Big E snatched the briefcase and walked away with the victory. What’s next: Big E could easily go after Roman Reigns or Bobby Lashley, or he could simply hang on to the briefcase for as long as he wants without losing his cool. Since making his main roster debut in April 2013, he has received precisely zero world title opportunities.

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