What Time Does Centennial Bank Open?

In the mornings, Centennial Bank is open at 8:30 a.m., and in the evenings, it closes at 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. On ordinary business days, which are Monday through Friday, the majority of Centennial Bank locations are open 8 hours a day.
Hours of operation for the Centennial Bank.

Centennial Bank Hours Opening Hours Closing Hours
Wednesday 8:00 AM 4:00 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM 4:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM 5:00 PM


Who owns Centennial Bank?

A single basic concept guided the formation of Home BancShares (NYSE: HOMB), which set out to establish a community banking franchise. This has proven to be an effective approach to banking that our consumers have come to appreciate and appreciate. Our bank holding company has grown to have assets worth more than $15 billion today.

How many centennial banks are in Arkansas?

Home BancShares, Inc., doing business as Centennial Bank, is an Arkansas-based bank holding corporation with its headquarters in Conway. It is included in the top ten list of the major banks in the country. It has 165 branches throughout Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, and New York City, and employs over 2,000 people.

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How do I transfer money on Centennial Bank app?

Sign into Centennial Bank’s mobile app and select “Send Money with ZelleĀ®” to get started. Enter your email address or cell phone number in the United States, then wait for a one-time verification code to arrive in your inbox. Enter the code, then accept the terms and conditions, and you’re done.

Is Centennial Bank a good bank?

Centennial Bank has received a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 stars, putting it firmly in contention to be your bank of choice.

What bank bought out Happy State Bank?

It’s an exciting development! Following an overwhelming vote by shareholders of both Happy Bancshares, Inc. and Home BancShares, Inc., the merger of our two businesses has been authorized, paving the way for Happy State Bank to become a division of Centennial Bank, subject to regulatory clearance.

What did Centennial Bank used to be called?

It’s a good day! Following an overwhelming vote by shareholders of both Happy Bancshares, Inc. and Home BancShares, Inc., the merger of our two businesses has been authorized, paving the way for Happy State Bank to become a part of Centennial Bank, pending approval by regulatory authorities.

How many employees does Centennial Bank have?

Detailed description of the company: Centennial Bank is a depository credit institution based in Conway, Arkansas, and is a member of the Depository Credit Intermediation industry. Centennial Bank employs a total of 945 people across all of its branches and produces sales of $787.59 million dollars annually (USD).

How do I know my routing number?

In the bottom left corner of each check, you’ll see a nine-digit number that corresponds to your routing number. The second set of numbers written on the bottom of your checks is your individual account number (which is normally between 10 and 12 digits long). The check number is the number that is furthest to the right on the page.

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Is Happy State Bank only in Texas?

After being established in 1908 as First State Bank, Happy, Texas, the bank spent the first 81 years of its existence concentrating its operations on that community. The company has around 1,000 workers and over 60 sites in more than 40 cities in the Texas Panhandle, the Southern Plains, the city of Austin, Central Texas, and the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

How long does Centennial Bank Mobile Deposit take?

Generally speaking, funds that are placed before 6 p.m. CT on a banking business day (every day except Saturdays, Sundays, and federal holidays) are available for withdrawal on the first business day following the day of the deposit (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and federal holidays).

How do I check my balance on Centennial Bank?

Where can I find out what my current account balance is or what things have been cleared? If you have any questions, please contact Customer Care at (888) 372-9788, or you may find this information in your Online banking account or by downloading our mobile app.

Can you deposit cash at a Centennial Bank ATM?

Monday through Saturday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Our Interactive Teller Machines (ITM) allow you to do a variety of tasks in addition to cash withdrawals and depositing funds. Furthermore, if you present correct identification, you will not be required to use your ATM card. In addition, you may conduct more of your regular banking activities directly from the ITM.

Is Centennial Bank FDIC insured?

First California Bank will reopen its doors on Monday, January 26, 2009, at the old 1st Centennial Bank sites in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) will completely protect the principal and interest on insured accounts through January 23, 2009, up to the insurance maximum of $250,000. You will be reimbursed in full for the amount of your covered account.

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